Tracy Dennis-Tiwary is a Professor of Psychology at Hunter College of the City University of New York, the Director of the Emotion Regulation Lab, and the Co-Director of the Hunter College Stress, Anxiety, and Resilience Research Center. Tracy’s mission is to understand neural mechanisms underlying the role of emotions in mental health, and to transform breakthrough science into new interventions and engaging digital health tools bridge the gap between mental health needs and solutions.

Her research is cross-disciplinary, integrating methods from neuroscience, clinical psychology, and developmental psychology to examine a linchpin of emotional competence across the lifespan – emotion regulation, or the ability to monitor and modify emotions in order to meet goals and challenges.

Tracy’s research has been published widely in scientific journals focusing on clinical science, neuroscience, psychophysiology, child development, emotion, and cognition. Her work in digital mental health has been featured in leading media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, CBS, CNN, NPR, the Huffington Post, and Bloomberg Television. She blogs about emotions on her Psychology Today Blog More Than a Feeling, about technology at Psyche’s Circuitry, and about kindness at 21st Century Kindness. She guest blogs for the Garrison Institute’s This Digital Life blog.


1. Emotion regulation, stress, and anxiety
2. Digital mental health and the development of alternative health promotion and treatment delivery strategies
3. Attention bias modification
4. Effects of the nutraceutical curcumin on neurobehavioral mechanisms of stress- and anxiety-related disorders
5. Mindfulness-based stress reduction in schools

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