Attention and Resilience Training (ART)

IMG_2782 Anxiety and stress-related disorders are the most common and well-studied psychiatric disorders in childhood and adulthood. Yet only 50% of clinically-anxious individuals obtain effective, evidence-based treatments. Barriers to treatment include cost, accessibility, and time burden. Thus, the development of highly accessible, low-cost treatment approaches to complement current treatments is a crucial research goal.

In this clinical trial, we are examining a novel approach to reducing stress and anxiety in adults. It is based on exciting new techniques that can successfully train individuals to pay attention to the world in a way that can help reduce anxiety and stress. You will be asked to fill out several brief questionnaires relating to your emotions and thoughts, as well as perform computer-based tasks. You will be asked to come to the lab for one visit each week for six weeks. The first five visits will take place consecutively, and the last visit will be a four month follow-up visit. Each visit will take one hour to two-and-a-half hours. The average duration of this study is approximately seven hours over a period of four months. During your first visit there will be a screening procedure. If you meet criteria during this time you will be asked to participate in the remainder of the study. If not, you will be compensated $10 for participating. If you qualify to participate in the full study (you will know this during your first visit to the lab), you will be compensated $450 in total.