Brainwave 2018 at The Rubin Museum: The Future is Fluid

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March 2nd 2018
The Rubin Museum of Art, NYC
7pm – 8.30pm
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As part of the Brainwave 2018 Festival Dr. Dennis-Tiwary will interview Senator Wendy Davis, former Texas state senator and founder of Deeds Not Words, a gender equality advocacy initiative. On June 25, 2013, Sen. Davis took to the senate floor to embark upon what she hoped would be a thirteen-hour filibuster to delay the vote on a stringent abortion bill. Rules would keep her from relying on food, drink, any physical support, or use of a restroom. Donning pink tennis shoes, Davis delivered an impassioned speech against the restrictive bill. That evening, President Barack Obama tweeted, “something special is happening in Austin tonight.” At eleven hours, with crowds cheering her on, and intermittent objections from fellow senators, her time on the floor was brought to a close. Although her filibuster was just shy of her goal, the bill vote was still delayed.

Join Dr. Dennis-Tiwary and Sen. Davis as they discuss what happens to the brain under time duress such as a filibuster, and what role willpower plays in overcoming challenging physical circumstances. For more details on the event and how to purchase tickets click here.