Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary maintains three blogs related to her research work. In Psyche's Circuitry she blogs on growing up and growing old in the digital age, and in 21st Century Kindness she explains how to navigate the world using kindness as a guiding principle, and how kindness transforms individuals and societies. Tracy's blog for Psychology Today, More Than a Feeling, explores how emotions shape our lives.

Latest Entries

The Moment That Has Yet to Arrive

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In her latest blog post, Dr. Dennis-Tiwary muses on an interactive art piece at the Rubin Museum that shows that…

Teen Suicide

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How can we prevent teen suicide and provide support for at-risk teenagers? In her recent article for Psychology Today, Dr….

Experiments in Subway Poetry

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In experimenting with not using her smartphone on the daily commute, Dr. Dennis-Tiwary began writing poetry to track her subjective…

Parents, Put Down Your Smart Phones

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Does parental smart phone use impact their relationship with their children? In her recent article for Psychology Today, Dr. Tracy…