Dr. Sarah Myruski Featured in PsyPost Article

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(Photo credit: Jorge Gonzalez)

Eric W. Dolan’s PsyPost article “Preferring to Communicate via Technology is Associated with Worse Emotional Functioning” features Dr. Sarah Myruski of the Emotion Regulation Lab here at Hunter College who discusses how “the pervasive and growing use of social media and mobile devices has transformed how we communicate on a daily basis, including how we experience, express, and manage our emotions.” Dolan highlights Dr. Myruski’s key findings — a preference for computer-mediated communication was associated with more emotion regulation problems and emotional sensitivity — as well as discusses the implications of these findings. While acknowledging that the study results are correlational, Dr. Myruski encourages social media users to remain mindful of how they use social media to communicate emotions, as active communication may bolster emotional well-being, while passive viewing may have the opposite effect.

CW Headley’s Ladder article “This Is How Technology and Social Media Impacts the Way We Communicate” also highlight’s some of Dr. Myruski’s  latest published research, “Through a Screen Darkly: Use of Computer-Mediated Communication Predicts Emotional Functioning,” exploring the association between computer-mediated communication and emotional regulation.