The Addictive Relationship With Xanax & Hip Hop – Presented by Complex News

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Since the days of jazz—and beyond—drugs in some form have been taken by musicians of every generation. Hard drugs like coke, Xanax, lean, fentanyl, and heroin have taken some of rap’s best minds in recent years. But this isn’t just an epidemic in the rap industry; it’s an epidemic in the United States.
30.6 million Americans reported past-year benzodiazepine use while 5.3 million reported benzo misuse. In 1999, there were 1,135 benzodiazepine-related deaths, and in 2017 that number hit 11,537.

In a video by Complex, Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary provides insight on how these drugs work while artists including Robb Banks, Vic Mensa, Lil Durk, Jonny Shipes, and Wifisfuneral spoke about their personal battles with Xanax. The video highlights drug use, social media, and mental health in the hip hop industry.

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