Forthcoming Book: Future Tense

I am thrilled to announce my forthcoming book with Harper Wave, Future Tense: Making Anxiety Our Superpower.

In this age of overwhelming anxiety, society sends us the message that we must attack it like we do any life-threatening disease – prevent it, avoid it, and stamp it out at all costs.

This is the disease story of anxiety that we tell ourselves. But what if we were all wrong about anxiety?

Future Tense: Making Anxiety Our Superpower argues for the radical idea that anxiety is not the enemy – it is our ally, because when we tap into our anxiety instead of attack it, we immediately multiply our inner resources, not just for surviving, but for thriving. Anxiety is both protective and productive, propelling us into future thinking, where we are smarter, more focused, and more hopeful in the face of challenge. When we learn to embrace – and even love – our anxiety and teach our families to do the same, we harness the superpowers inherent in the future tense.

This book will lead readers to adopt a new mindset about anxiety – a fresh set of beliefs and insights that allow us to explore and leverage anxiety rather than be overwhelmed by it – through real-world examples and stories combined with the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, genetics, biology, and sociology. It is a quest is to spark a powerful, new understanding of anxiety that gives rise to out-of-the-box solutions, as well as boosts the effectiveness of existing approaches. The best solutions in the world won’t stick if our view of anxiety unintentionally accelerates it.

The book will also emphasize stories of people who are using anxiety in productive, powerful ways. They have gotten to the root of anxiety and found success. In these challenging times, amidst the COVID-19 health crisis, these stories are more important than ever. I will also lead readers through new, out-of-the box ideas for transforming the role of anxiety in our lives and in the lives of those we care about. By challenging our assumptions, we can reclaim anxiety for what it has always been – a gift rather than a curse, and a source of inner strength that helps us strive towards our dreams.

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