We Don’t Have to Be Anxious About Anxiety

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Source: Nate Dumlao/Unsplash

Anxiety is the crisis of our era, but science shows that we can turn the tables on anxiety and make it our ally. Dr. Dennis-Tiwary writes in her blog post, “We Don’t Have to Be Anxious About Anxiety,” a common response to anxiety is trying to suppress it. However, escaping or suppressing anxiety can make it more troublesome in the long run. Reframing our mindset about anxiety – from enemy to ally – allows us to master it and reclaim anxiety as a gift, rather than a curse.


“Take a moment and consider: If my heart races, if I feel nervous or jittery, this means my body and mind are preparing to act. In a tough situation, anxiety makes me stronger. I’ll just take a deep breath, and know that I am ready.”